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August 29, 2020 @ 1 PM PST

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in a Culturally Diverse and
Racially Divided World

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Nancy Ly

August 29th, 2020

Saturday - 1 PM PST / 4 PM EST


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Are you connecting and communicating to
ALL members of your team effectively?

Start To Understand Why the "Culture Conversation" Matters to Your Team's Performance & Results!

#1 - Mindset

Shame-Based vs.
Guilt-Based Cultures

#2 - Values

Individualistic vs.
Collectivist Cultures

#3 - Systems

Open vs. Closed

#4 - Age & Era

Generational & Intergenerational Impacts on Culture

#5 - Location

Geographical & National Impacts on Culture

#6 - Team

Team, Industry & Organizational Culture

Why Diversity & Inclusion Programs?

Anti-Racism, Diversity & Inclusion, and Cultural Unity Programs are all major discussions that are being brought to the forefront in today's world - socially, politically and economically. It's time to get equipped and learn how to properly lead your teams toward excellence in these areas! The world is looking for culturally-conscious and racially-conscious leaders!
Are you ready to step up to lead this next generation?

Things To Look Forward To In This Introductory Training...

Increase Your Cultural IQ (CQ)

Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is only partially effective when dealing with people cross-culturally. Start increasing your Cultural IQ (CQ) now!

Assessing Culture-Fit vs. Culture-Add

Are you seeking and investing in more of the same type of people, or same pathways to success, expecting the same results? Or are you celebrating diversity of thought, ideas, and people in your organization?

Communicate Cross-Culturally

Great communicators know that a message must be communicated multiple ways in order to make an impact. Understand some key principles to help you communicate more effectively, cross-culturally.

Maximize Your Team's Strengths

Creating inclusive and safe spaces allows for your team members to bring their best selves and strengths forward. Building proper connection and deeper relationships allow you to draw out each team member's unique strengths.

Increase Team Performance & Results

When people feel cared for, they will naturally shine! Intrinsic motivation goes far beyond extrinsic motivation, and earning the loyalty of your team is priceless! 

Create Greater Team Unity & Care

Proper care for your team means greater team unity and trust. Learn practical and tangible things you can do to build up your team unity.

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About Nancy

Nancy Ly is a Diversity Consultant and Shame & Culture Expert. She works with teams and organizations as a consultant in order to create more inclusive spaces, programs and protocols, thereby increasing team performance, trust and unity. 

Her approach to diversity and inclusion centers around understanding the psychological needs of diverse groups of people, along with the impacts of mental health, and need for "safe" spaces and cultural unity in the work environment.

Nancy comes with 8+ years of Corporate HR (human resources) experience, in addition to prior leadership roles in sales, education, events, and community-level work. She has had the privilege to travel extensively to over 25 countries and loves to learn about people and culture. She also works individually with clients as a Cultural and Performance Coach, specializing in therapy-coaching for clients who identify as BIPOC, biracial, bicultural & multicultural.

For questions or inquiries on working further with Nancy, please email [email protected]

“Nancy is by far one of the most emotionally and culturally sound individuals I know. I always enter and leave her space with knowledge and a desire to apply what's been shared. If you want to have better relationships with anyone, from any where... start with Nancy. She'll provide you with the tools and techniques to not only grow you but help others to grow alongside you."

Victoria Thomas

Transformational Coach

"I was born and somewhat raised in Vietnam. As an Asian man, I have experienced cultural challenges in the US. For example, it's not polite to ask American people about age, marriage and income, however, it is normal in Vietnam. As I tried to unify my Vietnamese and American culture, I decided to re-educate myself and have had a chance to watch some of Nancy's work, and it's completely changed my perspective of life. Highly recommend it."

Howie Tran

CEO & Founder

“Nancy is a brilliant coach and teacher in the cultural unity realm. Her work in the shame arena, and her understanding of various cultures and how they can make peace to co-exist uniquely qualifies her to facilitate healing and restoration in this space. She comes highly, highly recommended.”

Von Bradley

Writer & Former Mental Health Counselor

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